Your own competition site
- YourEventName.livewod.com or Livewod.com/YourEventName with Event Info, Schedule, WODs, Participants and Leaderboard.

Administration System with different features
- Have your athletes register via public site - you only have to accept them with a simple click of a button in admin system.
- Athlete Profiles: athletes can log in and edit their profile with many different stats, profile pictures.
- Email notification to athletes during competition: Athletes can (if they want) get emails straight away after their results is added and automaticly after all results for their division in each WOD is added and get their current ranking!
- Add and edit Workouts with multible scoring types
- Multible divisions
- Send emails to all athletes or athletes of a specific division.
- Costumize Competition page and LiveWOD TV with colours, text size and logo of your choice.
- Add and edit results to the leaderboard
- Leaderboard is sortable on all WODs
- Reset scoreboard for all divisions, single division and/or single division, single workout.
- Print scorecards for the workouts with your logo, workout description, judge notes, athlete's name and room for athlete/judge signatures.
- After the event LiveWOD can give you data on the activity of visitors to your competition site.

Online Qualifier System

Judge System for faster scoring


* Read more about the Judge System and LiveWOD TV. Go to About the System