About the System
The Judge System
The judge system allows all judges with a smartphone (Apple or Android) with mobile internet access to add the score of the athlete they just judged. You will receive address, username and password for the judge System that you will give to the judges. For the safety that no judge will edit scores after events, the administrator of the event page can close workouts as they finish. Of course, hopefully you can trust your judges - but safety is good.

OBS: LiveWOD recommends that judges keep a paper score card with athletes signature as a backup to handle complaints from athletes regarding incorrect inputs from judges.

LiveWOD TV is an instantly updated scoreboard that rotates between athletes and divisions. Connect a computer with internet access to any number of screens at the competition for athletes and spectators to watch. In the administrations system you can set seconds betweens rotations and the number of athletes you wish to display per page.

How is the competition scored?
The LiveWOD scoring system is built up like the Crossfit Games Opens. Athletes/teams will receive a certain number of points for each WOD currently indicating their relative ranking. If two or more teams are tied they will receive the same number of points. Athletes behind them will STILL receive the number of points to define their correct ranking. For instance: Three athletes are tied for first place in a WOD - they will all receive 1 point and the athlete just after them will receive 4 points. LiveWOD adds each athlete/team's points from all workouts and calculates their overall standing. See and example of in the picture below or on a leaderboard under Past Events.