FUEL your competition with LiveWOD - It simplifies handling of your event!
Fast- Judges feed results directly into LiveWOD from their cell phones. The usual delay by another individual who has to feed data into a PC is eliminated - and the the risk of inter-personal communication error is minimized. Safer and faster!
User friendly - The admin system has very easy navigation - The menu is built up with three head topics: "Before, During and After" which makes it easy for the administrator to know when to do what. Input is validated to make sure all users put in data in the correct form and the user will be told what he/she did wrong.
Efficient - Crossfitters are efficient. LiveWOD is efficient. It allows multiple administrators and judges to feed the system simultaneously - which creates the synergy of the system.
Low cost - A high quality scoring system is no longer reserved large competitions. LiveWOD is reasonably priced and thus affordable, also to smaller local events. Press here to see our pricing.
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